Ghosts Move Through

Packaging design | Graphic design

If you want to make packaging design for a black metal album, then you have goats, inverted crosses, capes, crows, degenerate gothic typography and the color black and gray to make use of. Should you however want to do the package design in the folkdrone genre, then it is not so obvious what you have to choose from.

Every field has it’s own set of established visual expressions that one as a graphic designer relates to in some way or another. You can decide to use these expressions in your design to signal that the piece you’re working on at the moment should be perceived to belong to that field. It’s no coincidence that many, say, black metal album covers, law firms, exclusive furniture dealer (etc.) have their visual similarities. You can of course also decide to break from these established expressions for strategic or aesthetic reasons.

In my project Nattavaara Rocks, I play guitar based instrumental folkdroneambient. In fact, I don’t know if there is such a genre, but it’s the best way I can describe the music. If it is unclear whether it is even a genre, it is reasonable to assume that there are no specific established notions of folkdrone imagery, which means that I as a designer do not have anything to relate to. In the visual world I have constructed around Nattavaara Rocks, I have chosen to avoid imagery and graphic elements that points to specific temporal and cultural contexts, but instead used nature and its variations as the basis and also as a metaphor for different emotional states.

With Ghosts Move Through my intention was to create an object that music lovers would want to own, but also a design that does not forces the listener into making specific emotional associations, but instead where the expression of the nature of the photographs can provide a sense of tranquility as well as emptiness.

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Web design for Hikki, Umeå

Hikki - website

Distinctive typography set in Futura and irregular horizontal lines reflect the meeting between nature and design that Hikkis products are known for.

Web design | Identity
Packaging design - Nattavaara Rocks - Ox Choral

Ox Choral

The third album with my one-man folk drone orchestra Nattavaara Rocks. A digital album in physical form, or an album for the 21st century, if you will.

Graphic design | Photography
Visual identity for Affärsliv24


In the autumn of 2015 Västerbottens-Kuriren launched their business news website Affärsliv24. I was asked to develop a logo, guidelines for typography, color schemes, icons and layout.

Visual identity
Packaging design - Nattavaara Rocks - Ghosts Move Through

Ghosts Move Through

Packaging design of the second album from my music project Nattavaara Rocks. A 16-page digitally printed booklet glued inside a handmade, embossed cover.

Packaging design | Graphic design
Web design for artist Elin Magnsusson

Elin Magnusson

Website for artist Elin Magnusson. Lots of white space, unobtrusive typography and barely any color leaves a neutral space for the art.

Web design
Web design for House of Svala

House of Svala

How do you present fashion on the web? With images as large as the screen allows and discrete design of a website which is really a lookbook.

Web design | Identity
Webdesign för Sisters of Jam

Sisters of Jam

Website and typographic expression for the artist duo Sisters of Jam, a collaboration between artists and sisters Mikaela and Moa Krestesen.

Web design | Identity
Book binding - handbound journal

Handbound journals

A book is, despite all the digital innovations, unmatched when it comes to accessibility and simplicity. In addition, it lacks batteries.

Graphic design
Web design and product photography for Annova H&B

Annova H&B

Logo for printing and embossing and a responsive website with focus on large product images package Annova H & B.

Web design | Product photography
Blind embossed business card

Embossed business cards

If you come across a rare piece of dyed raw black cardboard, it’s difficult to resist the impulse to emboss it. So I turned it into business cards.

Graphic design
Web design: Norberg Sounds - music for film and other moving images

Norberg Sounds

A website without any links, menus or subpages contains the content: music suited for moving images, composed by me.

Web design | Graphic Design
Linoleum print - yellow minimalism

Linoleum printing

Linoleum printing is one of the easiest and cheapest graphical techniques. With a little patience, a sharp knife and a paint roller one can achieve great things.

Experiments | Free works
Norberg set using movable type

Text in the 21st century

Retina screens and OLED technology and E-ink. Fine and good and superduper. But you haven’t lived until you have embossed a leather journal using movable type.

Buttons in different designs

What does a button look like?

What does a button look like, what happens when I press it, and how flat can it become before I stop perceiving it as a button?


My name is Andreas Norberg and I work as a freelance graphic designer and web designer. I’m based in Umeå, a small university town in the north of Sweden.

I offer visual design and technical production of responsive websites, logos, visual identities, ads, catalogues, product sheets, packaging solutions etc. My goal is to always make simple, straightforward and functional design in accordance with the client's vision and needs.

I'm available for freelance assignments and interesting collaborations, so you’re welcome to get in touch.

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